Video – Blue Eyed Soul Theme

Blue Eyed Soul

Theme Song

Words by Robert Simon, Music by Robert Simon & Blue Eyed Soul 

You see, most of us have pale skin

Might go tanning on a beach 

And it puts folks in a tailspin 

Leaves them struggling for speech 

When they find out we be jammin

Like there’s Motown in our blood 

Or we just might be slammin

Like an old time rocker would 

Then we do a little country 

Maybe hip-hop, reggae, blues

And folks start getting hungry 

For a label they can use 

So although most of us have brown eyes, 

They still call us Blue Eyed Soul! 

Blue Eyed Soul! 

They call us Blue Eyed Soul! 

Do you think that we are kidding? 

Hey, we’re not playin’ around! 

Yes, we might be playin’ music 

But, we came to break it down 

If we cannot play with feeling, 

Then we just won’t play at all 

‘Cause for us that’s just like stealing 

And it makes us kind of small 

So whether it’s Josh on the bass,

Phil on guitar,

Kim on the drums,

Kurt on the keys,

Gray and Dave on the horns,

And Phil singin’, Kim singin’,

Rob singin’, Gia singin’, 

Band swingin’ 

Just call us Blue Eyed Soul! 

You get the picture! 

We may rock and roll 

But you can be sure 

We still have some soul! 

And whatever it is we play, 

We’re gonna be jammin’!


Just call us Blue Eyed Soul!
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